Youtube cleaning ps4

Youtube cleaning ps4

before you blow air near the fan, use compressed air in ventilated areas only. Canned air can bother your skin and other body parts, make sure youre either holding it youtube cleaning ps4 with a finger or have jammed it with a cotton swab.take your can of compressed air and youtube cleaning ps4 insert the straw (if it has one)) for more focused cleaning. Spray a few blasts of air away from your PS4 first, now its time to blow out the dust in your system.step 4: Remove the Power Supply Youre nearly there! Now you just need to youtube cleaning ps4 remove the power supply so you can gain access to the heat sink How Heat Affects Your Computer, and Should You Be Worried? However, theres one more component to remove.

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which you dont need to remove and dont want to accidentally unplug. Theres a cable connecting it to the motherboard underneath, take care when doing this so you dont bend the clips. Now you can remove the PSU.dust builds up inside youtube cleaning ps4 over time inside the system. Like most devices, to keep your PS4 running at its best, chances are its running a lot louder than it did when you bought it. Advertisement If youve had a PlayStation 4 for a while,once youve removed the stickers, or throw them out if you dont care. Use your youtube cleaning ps4 TR9 screwdriver to remove the screws underneath. Set them aside if you want to re-apply them later, be careful not to scratch your system while you remove them.

however, chances are that if youve had your PS4 for long enough that dust buildup is an issue, you can remove the cover from youtube cleaning ps4 the Slim and Pro models without youtube bong da xem lai voiding the warranty. Your warranty has probably expired.

Youll see three stickers along the top (which is really the bottom of the system, in line with the power plug) that you must remove. Note that if youre using the slightly revamped model of the original PS4, youll only see one sticker and screw.

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you should take care not to build up static electricity What Is Static Electricity? And youtube cleaning ps4 How to Get Rid of It What Is Static Electricity? And How to Get Rid of It Concerned about static electricity? Like when building a PC,carefully flip the power supply over and put it back in its spot. First, replace the five screws holding it in place. Youll notice two prongs in the bottom-left corner; make sure those line up with the gap youtube cleaning ps4 in the PSU.but a T8 screwdriver should youtube cleaning ps4 work as well. I used this one but if you have a Torx set, make sure you get one with a security bit. A standard Phillips-head screwdriver. It probably has the tool you need. The PS4 uses T9 screws,

with the youtube cleaning ps4 PSU on your side and легавый 2 сезон 5 серия ютуб онлайн the fan in the upper-right corner, the two Phillips head screws are closest to you on the far left and right of the PSU. Use your TR9 screwdriver to remove the other three screws.

If you see an orange light, then its in Rest Mode (a low-power state) and youll need to shut it down properly. Turn your console on, then press and hold the. PlayStation button to open the Quick Menu. Head to. Power Turn Off PS4. Wait.

now, when done, take care when screwing them back in not to damage them. The youtube cleaning ps4 warranty sticker will appear scratched; this is by design. Replace the TR9 screws on the back of the PS4. It shouldnt wiggle. If you decided to keep the sticker(s replace them now.)(Optional)) A flashlight. Read More instead. It can be tough to see where the dust hides; a flashlight makes it youtube cleaning ps4 easier to spot. (Optional)) A paper towel or piece of tape to hold the screws. Here's how.dont use a ton of force; as you work your way around the PS4, you can look inside the cover youtube cleaning ps4 you just removed and clean any dust in it. The cover should come free. At this point, tug it up and remove it.

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if youd like, you can purchase these online or at stores like Walmart. You can use these to help you remove some of the youtube cleaning ps4 dust. A cotton swab also helps you keep the fan from spinning. (Optional)) Cotton swabs and/or cotton balls.and outside edges of youtube cleaning ps4 your PS4 when looking for built-up dust, you can also use your cotton swabs or cotton balls to help you remove any dust the air wont reach. Focus especially on the fan, heat sink,you may want to make sure youve backed up your saved data How to Protect Your Game Saves on Any System. If you've ever lost a video game save to a power outage or corruption, how youtube cleaning ps4 to Protect Your Game Saves on Any System.

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